some pictures from the latest show at the 
Finchley Youth Theatre, 24th of February 2019

Martin Szalla in A&B, The Story

Nadege Nguyen and Natalya Sirotkino in

Painted Eyebrows by Charlotte Jennings

Penelope Dudley and Yaser Younis in

Spaghetti a la Stockholm by Liam O'Grady

Alfie Positano and Iulian Szalla in

The Fairy by Martin Szalla

Nadege Nguyen, Emmanuel Amarh and Rick Alancroft in

The Fairy 

Iulian Szalla, Charlotte Jennings and Natalaya Sirotkina in The Desert by Alberto Morandi

Nadege Nguyen, Iulian Szalla, Emmanual Amarh and Anthony McNally in

Silence by Llanit Marasz

Martin and Iulian Szalla in The Boy by Martin Szalla

Martin Szalla and Anthony McNally in

Short-Play Competition by Martin Szalla

Charlotte Jennings in

The Fairy

Martin Szalla and Alfie Positano in

And Again by Martin Szalla

Alfie Positano and Rick Alancroft playing one of Alfie's songs...

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