An Evening of Conceptual Absurdity

series three

Short plays by Martin Szalla and others

Our second show with Evenings of Conceptual Absurdity in London, an assortment of short plays conveying weird wordings in strange situations, mad moments in front of no background, merry music and soundworks.   

          WHERE and WHEN?

Sunday June, 7.00                    Finchley Youth Theatre, East Finchley

Saturday June, 7.00                 Finchley Youth Theatre, East Finchley

Sunday June, 7.00                    Finchley Youth Theatre, East Finchley

......tickets for these shows (from May on):  Black Gull Books, 121 High Rd, East Finchley

...and now you've got another brilliant opportunity to spend your money:

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Pure Absurdity

One-act plays

by Slawomir Mroszek and Tadeusz Rozewicz

somewhere in London , summer 2019

Metis and Enkelados by Martin Szalla

This is not a play

Somewhere in London, summer 2019

project: The Emigrants 

Somewhere in London, 2019

and of course there will be much more absurdity to come all over London, 2019

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